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Fan-Coil Drain Pan Restoration

How do you handle a rusty, corroded condensate pan? The only sure thing is that if isn’t handled, major problems can follow. Unless it is falling to pieces, in which case the only option is to replace the pan, it can usually be coated or treated to extend its service life.
But what to do? Greenway has explored a number of options and products. It does not do to simply wire brush the pan and then paint it with an off the shelf rust resistant paint or roofing tar. Condensate pans are almost constantly under water, particularly in larger commercial air handling units, and coatings not designed for continuous submersion will peel and flake over time often causing worse conditions than before.

Need a Solution?

The solutions range from replacing the pan to simply wire brushing the pan and keeping it clean. Replacement is not only very expensive, it is sometimes virtually impossible without major reconstruction.
But when it comes to coating and/or treating the pans there are several products we have tried. The labor costs will vary depending upon how much prep is needed to get the pan in a condition to coat, access to the unit and logistics considerations. But the real bottom line is that when a condensate pan is rusted, leaking and in need of attention, do not wait! The result may be major leaks and the possible need to replace rather than repair the pan.
Greeway has a proven track record in addressing corroded condensate pans – call us now and we’ll do it for you!

Vacuum to remove any water or loose deposits from the surface.

Mechanically brush surface to remove deposits and rust. Vacuum a second time.

Cover with a metal sheet any pinholes or damage surface. Pour pan sealer on drain pan