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Fan-coil Repair/Maintenance

Fan Coil units are an integral part of the building heating and cooling system and our Fan Coil Maintenance program keeps all in-suite fan coil units of your condominium in top condition. Proper cleaning and regular inspection of internal components and drainage allows for efficient running of central systems that will help you avoid high maintenance and reduce operating (energy) costs. Mould formation, clogged drainage and leakages can be hazardous to air quality and potentially lead to property damage within individual suites. We can help implement a systematic Fan Coil Maintenance program that is both cost effective and suitable for your building and its central system’s needs.

Our Service

Our fan coil service is not only just a cleaning process but consists of three major tasks. In this service we perform a deep cleaning of each fan coil unit, complete inspection of all internal components, repair any malfunction parts and replace minor parts such as fuses, contractors and select gear. Here is a breakdown of the steps involved in each stage:

  • Filter maintenance
  • Coil maintenance
  • Dust control
  • Lubrication
  • Drain inspection
  • Electrical wiring and controls inspection
  • Inspection of all major parts such as blower motor, control valves, water coils and thermostat
  • Prepare and maintain inspection log with details of all malfunction parts.
  • This would help diagnose fan coil problems quickly when we receive service calls.
  • Replace any malfunction / damaged electrical components such as fuses, contractor and relay.
  • Fix improper or damaged wiring and connections
  • Repair and re-set any malfunction of motorized valves