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Meet Greenway Experts

Greenway Building Solutions is strategically located to provide services within the City of Toronto, and surrounding areas of Markham, Ajax and Pickering.  In operation for 11 years, we have a well-organized and structured team that is committed to delivering a quality, professional and courteous service.

With over 20 full-time and part-time personnel, we seek to ensure that buildings are more comfortable and safer for tenants, while providing savings and a peace of mind for Property Managers. Our goal is to provide each of our clients’ cost-effective solutions combined with best industry practices to meet their maintenance needs.

Our Specialization

Greenway Building Solutions specializes in condominium maintenance. From our long-term business strategy to hiring and training of personnel, we are dedicated to the condominium maintenance industry. Our success lies in the fact that we do not take a blanket approach to maintenance, but tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each building and property management firm. Our experience has taught us to take a pro-active approach to maintenance services, putting tenants’ safety and comfort first. Our building maintenance programs provide unmatched customer service, attention to detail, excellent emergency response and follow-up with our clients.  We work closely with each Property Manager offering pro-active support and team work as well as site tours, observations and suggestions.

Why Greenway?

Choose Greenway for your maintenance needs in a changing and competitive market because cost-effective service does not have to compromise on quality

Upfront Pricing

Greenway prides itself on upfront pricing with no hidden fees or additional charges. We offer guaranteed quotes and finalize contracts based on mutual agreement.  We do not perform any tasks without explicit permission from the facility or tack on charges that were not previously negotiated or approved.  We offer aggressive, honest and cost-effective pricing.

Combined Services

Greenway provides Property Managers comprehensive maintenance needs and customized service packages. We deliver a diverse range of maintenance services through a single company, eliminating the need for multiple service contractors and streamlining your operations. Greenway Building Solutions is an all in one solution.

Highly Skilled and Courteous Technicians

Our staff is hired based on their technical knowledge, experience and integrity. We believe in long-term partnerships with our personnel and invest in their skills and training. A strict code of ethics is enforced along with respect for clients’ property and environment.

We conduct weekly, personalized inspections at your site and our employees are recognized with awards and bonuses based on inspection scores.

24 Hour Emergency Service

All of our services come with a 24hr on call guarantee and excellent emergency response time. We diligently follow-up with all of our clients and provide clear and detailed reports of each situation.


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